Minding the details

Content Strategy

Scientific approach targeting the right audience at the right moment to get qualified leads.

Technical SEO

Growth oriented auditing and analytics to improve indexing, speed, and accessibility to get high brand visibility


Full account strategy to enhance rankings and own the entire Search channel to improve ROI.

Competitive Insights

Understanding the digital landscape to identify the content and product opportunity gaps so you can save cost.

design & Development

Upgrade the content experience with Webflow development and UX/UI optimizations that convert users.

Go-To-market strategy

Intuitive and actionable documentation that marketing teams can launch products with.

A structure to serve your needs.

When it comes to SEO, PPC, web design, and development I work with agencies and small businesses directly at a range of flexible payment and service structures.


SEO + PPC Strategy

I answer the tough marketing questions:
- Who is our audience and how do we solve their problems?
- What are our competitors doing to win?
- How can PPC and SEO work together?
- What's our measurement plan?

Audits and strategy focus on:
- Content
- Technical SEO
- Audience
- Competitors
- Risks and Threats
- Prioritized Action Items
- Marketing Calendar

I work to find the competitive advantage

Web Design + Webflow Development

Webflow sites are fast, scalable, and modern. As a platform quickly growing in the web industry (+3.5M teams and people), the benefits include:

- Reduced development time
- No coding required
- Design focused with full power of CSS, HTML, and JS

The right design focuses on the user journey

Defined process makes efficiency

Gantt charts, product requirements, workback plans, GTM strategies.

I use qualified process frameworks to bring you fast results

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