Case Study

League Development

Newly formed sports league needed a passionate leader to define and execute marketing, sales, logistics, and operations strategies to grow the sport and create revenue. Struggled with awareness and interest in the sport of Ultimate with untested commercial viability.


In 2011, a new Ultimate Frisbee start-up sports league started. I served as the VP of Operations and Marketing for one of the franchises (Bluegrass Revolution, Cincinnati Revolution). We were challenged by awareness of the sport and overall interest.


We leveraged grass roots and community focused marketing strategy that gave us a direct audience to engage with. From technology we used social and website to host ticket sales. We also knew the product had visual appeal so we recorded all games and even set up streaming. Our partnership programs were key to operational efficiency with transportation, restaurants, and media.


Our games averaged 150 attendees giving us enough revenue to break even in the first two years. This beginning established proof of concept for the business. The league still exists today with over +20 franchises across the United States:

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