Case Study

A portfolio of healthcare sites where SEO was deeply valued to run the majority of revenue


As full-time employee, my projects included: Technical SEO ticket management system development, core web vitals optimization, geographic coverage analysis, keyword rank change analysis, title tag testing plan development, sitemap planning, and traffic impact analysis across a portfolio of sites.


For one project, we wanted to understand if we had unique pages targeting the highest converting geographies. To solve for this I developed a full database that joined population, internal conversion data, external geographic data, and SEO rank data. With that database I was able to analyze coverage for multiple sites and find gaps we should fill. This answered questions such as:

  • What are our best opportunities for new page development?
  • What is our next highest ranking domain so we can prioritize that domain?

The second phase of this project was to analyze our provider database in those geographies. I built a new set of data that pulled all providers from Google Maps. Next I compared that data to our internal full database, identifying which ones were new. Finally, I hired a contractor to create those new provider listings in SalesForce.

One issue we ran into was that when creating new pages, some areas already had dynamic redirects set up. We took a testing approach where we wanted to see if Google would automatically drop the 404 and 301 redirects. After I submitted these pages to Google Search Console, then the pages were indexed quickly.


Created over 100 new pages unique to the highest converting geographies. All pages ranked in the top 5 after 3 months driving $200,000 in new revenue.

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