Case Study

Cuddle Clones

Ecommerce business Cuddle Clones needed analytics and SEO work during a new website build and migration to grow the brand after launch.


The brand was launching a new Wordpress and WooCommerce site needing detailed customer funnel analytics and keyword optimized meta tags in order to gain better rankings, CTR, and organic revenue.


For analytics, I implemented Event tracking on page elements and Enhanced Google Analytics funnel tracking through Google Tag Manager to measure customer drop-off. I deployed a Wordpress plug-in for the Google Tag Manager and WooCommerce integration. During QA, I ran into bugs where the end consumer price was reported as double in WooCommerce. I debugged the issue by looking in the source code to see that WooCommerce was multiplying a value twice. I communicated the issue and recommendation to the development team who resolved it.

For SEO, I researched keyword data and wrote highly targeted meta tags for ecommerce. One change that I made was to put the core search keyword first in the Title Tag, rather than the internal product name. This matched the intent of the user to the product, increasing the relevancy to Googlebot.


The company gained top keyword ranking and has continued to improve for primary keywords and product groups with strong CTR's.

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