Case Study

Kindred Healthcare

This work was done as part of an agency team. Kindred needed SEO work as part of a new website build to centralize hundreds of locations.


Kindred Healthcare needed a new website structure and sitemap as part of a new website build. The biggest problem was the customer journey was fractured across hundreds of unique location domains, creating issues in analyzing user activity. They needed a single domain to unify the entire journey and consolidate SEO value.


After crawling and auditing the site structure for status codes and performance, I defined a new url structure with collaboration from design and engineering teams on user flow. One issue was that the location urls were very long and had unique names but not addresses. To maximize keyword ranking, we used the address in the url with a numerical index value. Then I mapped thousands of new url structures to old urls using advanced excel functions. We then used the mapped file for redirects.


Kindred saw an organic search increase of +300% YoY after launch of the site.

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